Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Masalah Perkhidmatan Bas Sudah Selesai..??

Today News:
"The university has an received 8 buses this semester, summing up to 44 buses, in the main campus of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Bus service management has also switched from the Department of Student Affair (HEP) to the Department of Development and Maintenance (JPP), and the office newly built-in for administrating such service is located at the first floor of the university’s Sports Complex."

 Secara tradisinya sejak penubuhan universiti malaysaia sabah, antara isu atau masalah yang begitu popular di kalangan pelajar universiti ialah masalah yang berkaitan dengan perkhidmatan bas. Adakah Masalah ini sudah selesai?Apakah resepi terbaik bagi mengatasi masalah ini dari terus membelengu mahasiswa? siapakah yang perlu memainkan peranan?


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